Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Personality Of The Prophet Muhammad

  1. He was known as: "The Honest" long before he received the message of Islam.
  2. He was handsome, of medium height, very active, walked rapidly which forced his companions to race to keep up with him. People reported seeing light around his body and in his face, which they compared to the sun or the full moon. His skin was white and turned rosy from exposure to the sun. He had black eyes and a thick beard.
  3. He was humble and did not allow his companions to stand up when he met them or kiss his hand. He sat with his companions where he happened to be. A stranger walking into the room could not tell who the Prophet was by his position in the group.

    He joked with his companions, played with their kids and put them in his lap. He loved his grandchildren, played with them, and even carried them on his shoulder while conducting the ritual prayers.

    He smiled most of the time and disliked to say no. When asked a question he didn't want to answer, he remained silent. When given a choice, he always chose the easiest option. He emphasized that Islam is the Golden Mean and discouraged extremes of behavior.

    He accepted all invitations, all apologies, all presents. He returned favors with equal or higher value presents. He visited the sick, was the first to greet people he met, was the last to pull away when shaking hands with someone or embracing him. He always listened to others until they finished what they had to say.

    In the mosque, he cut the group prayer short if he heard a child crying outside to allow the child's mother to leave the mosque and take care of her child. He stopped his personal prayers if he noticed someone approaching to ask him something then resumed the prayers after the person's departure.

    At home, he cleaned and mended his clothing repaired his shoes, milked his sheep and saddled his camel and horse. His servant reported that the Prophet never insulted, beaten, frowned to, or reprimanded him even when he didn't complete an assignment.

    He was kind to animals and opened his door to a stray cat seeking shelter. One of his travelling companions once took 2 baby robins from a nest. When the Prophet saw the mother flapping her wings over the nest, he responded, "Who shocked this in her babies? Return her babies to her". He ordered his followers not to use animals for target practice. He also ordered those who slaughtered animals for food to sharpen their blades and not to slaughter an animal in view of another animal.

    He lived a very simple life and donated anything he earned or received beyond his minimum requirements to the needy on a daily basis. He placed his faith in God to provide for his future needs.

    He prayed frequently which meant his body and clothing were always clean since Muslims must complete a cleansing ritual before praying.

    He ate only when hungry and never reached his fill. He brushed his teeth after every meal. He advised his companions to keep one third of their stomach for food, one third for beverages, and one third for themselves.

    The Prophet Muhammad once summarized his code to be: "mindfulness of God privately and publicly, fairness in anger or satisfaction, moderation in poverty or wealth, connecting with those who avoided him, giving to those who deprived him, forgiving those who wronged him, speaking out for what is good, and making his silence a meditation, his speech a recital of the name of God, and what he saw a lesson." This statement rhymes nicely in Arabic.

  4. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) used to invoke and pray to the Almighty Allah to grant him good manners and good treatment with the people and to adorn him with good character and conduct

  5. Because His good in personality He was chosen to be a leader. He was born with a good characteristic. the most important thing for Him, is His "UMMAT"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

experience during BEL 260 in speaking,listening and writing..ehehehe

ah.. i'm so tension when i pikir about test.. one day. when my lecturer told all the student about test will be mula at the next week, i tak tahu how to describe what i felt at that time, i felt clumsy, tension because i am not betol2 ready about that. Think..think..think..pikir..pikir..pikir and then i decide to study for that test..that a good jalan to settle my problems.
first, i had a writing test.. i still ingat that test on the Sunday malam.. at that night the rain is like the cat and dog. i don't know how to go there.. after that i ask my friend (joe, camner nak g nie..hujan lebat gilerrrr..nanti basah.. tapi demi miss Syaz akue sanggup joe redah hujan nie..ehehehe). after that i and my friend( faizul ) also went jugak for the test.. i answer all the question on the test paper. iam so gembira and memang really dont sangka that i can answered all the question..
On the next day, at the morning i still have test it is listening test.i woke up early morning at that day.. i went to the class with faizul.. breng...breng...breng.. it is sound from my roommate motor..akue borrow his motor going to kelas.. at the class, mok oi, akue felt nervous gilerr2..and then i become more nervous when i saw miss Syazwani brought a funny radio(old radio)..ehehehe. sOrry miss, i'm juz kidding.ehehehe. pas2 miss Syazwani said 2 all the student supaya prepared for the test. i can't answer all the question for my listening test..akue pn xth knape..aku hope sgt2 miss Syaz akan help me to give a high carry mark. lastly, my speaking test..ahh.. im so boring because akue kena tunggu lama for the test. I thinks for that test i do lebih better from before. i hope sgt also that miss Syaz will helped me again to give a high mark..miss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me..:-(

Saturday, February 28, 2009

aShCrOfT's DrEaM wOmEn

Everybody have their own dream women, i also have mine and i would share with u all about my dream women. my dream women should have :
  1. She must be beautiful then every women in this world
  2. She must be peng-kid
  3. Her name should be beginning with "A" consonant
  4. Her body must be taller then me
  5. She must be sexy women..ahahaha
  6. She must be normal person.
  7. She must be "solehah" person and always respect me
  8. Her family background must be nice, friendly n understanding
  9. She well educated person
  10. She should be a nice person n my family can accept her attitude
  11. And the very important thing, she must be good in all aspect

Thats all from me, i hope all of this will be a reality and i will always pray for it. i want to marry earlier then all of u. i want to have many great grandchildren.ahahaha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

peng-kid is gone

Here i want to say sorry for my best friends(paijoes) because paijoes girlfriend(peng-kid) is gone. I know its so hard to forget about her but i know u are strong guy and u can accept the reality. Anyway, in Malay said " HIDUP PENG-KID "...ahahah

The best thing happen to me!

Everyone have a best thing in their live. i am also have a best thing in my live.My best thing happened to me is, i meet with a beautiful girl. It is happened since i was in secondary school. i start to know more about her. She is 2 year old older then me. i don't know why i really like to know her. She have something special that i really love it that is no on other women. She is So beautiful. I like her eyes, her smiley, her body and i like everything about her. i try to asked my friend about her but my friend also did not know about that. One day, i go to her and tried to get her phone number. After i got her phone number and i called her.We always contacted each other and finally we be a couple. We are so happy and until now we are still a special couple. So, that is my best thing happened to me. It also will be my special memory in my live. I hope we will stay together forever and ever.ahahahaha.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What i would like to change myself

i have a lot of thing to change about myself. Even it is hard to do but i will try my best to do that.1st of all, i want to change myself to be more positive about all the thing i do, it is becouse before this i does not take it seriously. Next, i will try to be on the time come to the class, it is becouse i'm always late come to the class. i also not concerntrate in class, after this i will try to be more concerntrate in my class.for the last thing that i think it is very important to i change about myself is i had to do a lot of exercise. I think all of you know why i want do that.ahahahaha

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A friend that is unique

A friend that is one of a kind

A friend that is perfect

A type friend who is hard to find

A friend that is sweet

A friend that is perpetually fair

A friend that you know

Will always be there

A friend with an amazing spirit

A friend with a striking heart

A friend that is trustworthy

A friend that is smart

A friend that assuages your pain

A friend that can dry your tears

A friend with unrestricted love

A friend that can alleviate your fears

A friend with an exquisite smile

That could never be ignored

A friend that’s never been hurtful

A friend that is easily adored

A friend that is respectful

A friend who is loved by all

A friend that is relied upon

A friend to never let fall

A friend you can talk to

Her compassion is known by a glistening glow

Just by sparking her remarkable light

The whole world will know

What a great and amazing person she is

A friend I shall never forget

She is the greatest ever been known

Best of all the friends I’ve ever met…